I've always felt more than I've seen or heard.

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About Me

My writing is original, and I do not give consent for it to be copied, distributed or used in any way. And even if there are any wild cards out there at least I'll be content knowing my writing came from my soul. It can't truly be copied and conveyed because no person is really copy what was never theirs in the first place.

Now that I've gotten that out of the way time to get to know me - because why else would you be reading this?

My name is Lavi. It's a nickname but why would I give you my real one, right? I am nineteen years old and major in Counseling and English, my 'dream' is to be a Counselor and an Editor because my mind is wired to correct grammar no matter where I am or what I'm doing. I also aim to be a counselor because it would be refreshing to be someone that I wish I had when I was younger to other people rather than have society be stuck with the fucked-up discriminating asses I knew back then against involuntary fucked-up kids of today (b/c c'mon we're all fucked-up in some way or at least at some point).

My favorite past-times are sleeping, reading, writing, cursing, swimming and climbing trees. I crave conversations with open-minded people (who are hard to offend) and I like meeting random people that look interesting - and don't give me bad vibes. Yes, I'm a vibe person. No, its not as cool as it sounds. It actually makes me pretty paranoid of people actually. At least animals are easier to read.

I like lots of music genres. Preferably music with good lyrics or resonates with the soul kind of instrumental. I'm not a classical music person and all country music really sounds the same to me. I like french music too even though I forgot pretty much everything about the language after I got a 72 on my exam. So, suffice is to say I'm never going to France, Louisiana, or Quebec.

I like art and food but have no interest in going out of my way to create it. I am so gay but can get so awkward when I'm not oblivious around straight girls because I don't want to offend them because who wants to accidentally have a conversation with someone who may be okay with it but may also be a homophobe? Despite being the 21st century the South here isn't as accepting as I wish it were. I would even consider trading my vibe-radar for a gay-radar with what I have to deal with, if I could.

I write poetry and really only write poems because I'm too forward for a suspenseful story that I prefer reading. I've been a poet since I was 13 and have been posting on the web in places like this for the last four years in hopes of hearing feedback and improving my skill-range.

I can never seem to write the poetry I want to and seem to throw wisdom in it when I don't even mean to so that's something I'm working on. I'm also trying to find an original style whereas I usually stick to extended sonnets.

Lastly, I like reading other people's writing and being supportive of their soul-bearing.

And that's it. Nice to meet you.