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Loxstedt, Niedersachsen , Germany
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About Me

I am a person with a lot of words floating around in the brain, that are usually in desperate need to come out in some way.
I have found myself trying to get recognized for what I need and have now decided to be dedicated to my arts in a way that would probably not be accepted by most.
I am mainly a writer.
I write poetry, essays, short stories, songs, hip hop type lyrics and sometimes just rants.
I don't go by any rules of writing. It is more about the feeling of the words and the expression of thought than the classical perfection on a finished poem.
To me the real poets are the people scribbling artwork into walls and homeless people writing thoughtful signs.
I am a supporter of all that is creative but find myself often very un-interested in people who believe in perfection.
I write most of my poems and other things within an hour and do not change them once they are finished.
I am not nearly as pissed off as I seem, but would consider myself a thoughtful and opinionated person.
Most likely you will not enjoy this...
But I do.
Aneka B Poetry


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Posted 6 Years Ago


Allow me to be one of the first to welcome you aboard on the journey of Writers Cafe'. This is a wonderful place to obtain opinions and grow in your writing - as long as you stay clear of the drama that dwells inside electronic lives.

I noticed you have a limited friends list, if I may offer you a bit of advice... In order to get profitable opinions and diverse feedback you may need to add alot of friends to your list.

The system of this place (most people do not even realize) is so: Your new writing is placed on the new writing list and gets pushed down the list with every new write published here. Soon, your writing is so far down the list, it becomes unnoticed and people do not click very often on those.

If, however, you have many "friends" you will have people coming to check your new works out and notice your writing... perhaps click on them and read - if it tickles their fancy, they will review. So, the way to add friends is to go about reading peoples work, reviewing them and then adding them to friends if they are interesting to you.

Many times we cheat and go on just adding people randomly, this is a common practice and is okay - sometimes. You will have those that disprove of your tactics and will come back with a nasty message or something, these are just people who live for drama.

As with any social circle (human circles NOT omitted), there tends to be rumors, affairs, rumors about affairs, stalking, intimidation, distasteful criticism and many other things that is inappropriate.

So long as you can stick to the projected goal of becoming a writer not a victim of amateur predators you will get the best out of the site.

Enjoy your time here, and feel free to message me anytime.

Great to make your acquaintance,


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Posted 6 Years Ago

Be good fortune.

You’re not just an observer in this world. You’re an active participant.

You don’t have to merely settle for whatever happens to come along. You can take it and make something valuable and meaningful out of it all.

Each moment you have an opportunity to make a difference. Each day you can be the love and goodness and fulfillment that you seek to experience.

Look around with the eyes of your imagination at all the possibilities. Be the best of them this very day.

— Ralph Marston