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About Me

Legal Explosives by ~MysticDragon85 on deviantART

In December of 05 I graduated from Bradford School with my degree in Graphic Design Management Associate in Specialized Business, worked for over a year in web design and all around office b***h and currently work at Wal-Mart as an over night cashier. It sux but whatch gonna do?

I've been reading forever (probably one of the only good things my mother ever did for me as a child other than teaching me to lie like a dog, of course) and writing pretty much as long. Not writing well mind you just writing. It hasn't been until very recently that I've really started to come into bloom as an artist and theres still tons of room for improvement.

I'm a terrible speller and anything to do with grammar in general I completely butcher. So anything that my word processor doesn't pick up gets posted as is. Sorry. If you know of any good beta readers by all means please send along their e-mail. I'd love to get into contact with them.


P.S. My myspace account is set to private cause I can't have my fam snooping around. Just message me that you're from WC and I'll add you. K?


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Posted 10 Years Ago

Thank you for your kind review - I just thought I�d try something different!


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Posted 10 Years Ago

Congrats on the Haiku contest hon x

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Posted 11 Years Ago

thanks sweetie *mwah*