A Humble Poet

A Humble Poet


If I can make someone live a little longer, cry a little deeper, love a little stronger, my work is done.

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About Me

Hi! I am a very dedicated young author, and writing is practically my entire life's long with my artwork.

My writing (especially my poetry) is all based off of my own life and emotions, and I hope that you guys can feel the passion, joy, and sadness in them.

My goal, as an author is not to show off, or 'win' or anything, it is to make someone feel a little bit happier, or a little bit more in touch with their feelings. Most of my poems are about life, so if I can convince someone who is in a tough spot to continue to live, then my work is done.

To sum all that up, I really love writing, I can let out all my feelings into it, and share it with others who can relate. I just want to help people be in touch with their feelings, so I just want to say thank you for taking the time to read my work :)

I also really love my artwork and hope to have a job that revolves around it one day. In my school I was one of the set and props managers in the spring musical (a very high position) and I entered my poster of the lion king (the musical we were doing) into a contest and had it put up for everyone to see! Let's just say it took about 12 hours to do, and that's about how long each of my works of art takes. I really love pencil drawings/shading but am open to other styles too of course!

My personality is generally happy and kind but I do hold many secrets in the inside. I just want to say that if you ever need any help or advice, or someone to talk to please come to me ^_^

One little note: I have been getting many read requests but I just want to say I will not read and review them because since there are so many I don't generally have time for all them and if I only got to some it would be unfair. I mean then with the utmost humbleness.

Anyways that all you should need to know about me!