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Dare to be a Freethinker ...

Smalltown, TX
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About Me

Hello, howdy, and how the hell are you!

I could give you my normal Smalltown spiel, and all the bullshit of how long I have been writing, blah, blah, blah, but, you know, we all got busy lives, so I will just cut to chase ...

This page is dedicated to researched philosophical articles of theoretical speculative conjecture. And so, though what I write is riveting to folks whose interests are found within that realm of philosophy that dares discuss controversial topics, it may well be that this page is not for you ... I bid you adieu and good reading to you ... Thanks for stopping by, and all that rot ...

Perhaps, one of these alternate pages of mine may hold something more of interest to whet your appetite ...

Marvin Thomas Cox-Flynn's Dark Stories & More Store:

Marvin Thomas Cox-Flynn's Dark Poetry & More:

But! ... If you are driven by a curiosity laden mind that lies awake at night in quizzical wonderment of, "Just how many times did God f**k Mary before he got her pregnant with Jesus?," then, you may have found a philosophical home here with me ... I may even attempt a logical assessment of answering that very question for your dirty, sordid, little minds ...

It is my nature to tell it the way it is, no window dressing, frills, no bells, no whistles ... and I do tend to use the words, s**t, damn, and f**k quite often, in relating to this existence of life that tends to more than suck at times, with an ever increasing number of folks referring to this world as a miserable s**t hole ...

I agree ... But Goddammit, its the best f*****g world we got!

So, let's sit down together, computer to computer, and philosophize together in the spirit of so wishing that we could figure out a sure fire method of not getting fucked over quite so much in this world we live in ...

I hope you will stick around and spend a bit of time in a 101 look at our existence in seeking answers of why, as to why, and why the f*****g not!