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Marvin Thomas Cox-Flynn's Dark Tales & More Store


"You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave ..."--The Eagles, Hotel California

Smalltown, TX
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About Me

Hello, howdy, and how the hell are you!

I'm gettin' too damn old for bullshit, so I'll just cut to the chase ... I write stories ... You, my friend, have stumbled upon, Thomas C. Flynn's Stories ...

If you yearn for, Animal Justice, in a world without justice, and understand A Writer's Dilemma, in a time when so many things are Ravenous and politically incorrect, then you are properly, Wired For Sound, in a society gone mad, and know beyond any doubt—from rerun episodes of Unsolved Mysteries and America's Most Wanted—exactly, Where Skeleton's Lie, for this is the psychotic state of mind which permeates into the depths of one's consciousness in opening that dark closet of terrifying dreams in the night; a time when one wishes to awaken, but cannot open one's eyes for fear and fright; a time when one longs for darkness to turn to light; a time of night seemingly without end … A time with no hope in sight … That time of night, When Nightmares Rule …

And so, you have now been properly introduced to my independently, interconnected dark story series, titled When Nightmares Rule ...

Story One: Animal Justice

Story Two: A Writer's Dilemma

Story Three: Ravenous

Story Four: Wired For Sound

Story Five: Where Skeletons Lie

Story Six: When Nightmares Rule (in progress)

Yes, yes, I know: Not everyone in this world is into murder, mayhem, and grisly blood and gore ...

Not to worry, Luv, there's more than darkness lurking within my Dark Tales & More Store, where every story, every tale may be read freely, but will cost you a sacrifice upon that golden altar of the insanely slain which cries to the heavens without refrain, "Give me a damn good review, would you, lest you find yourself becoming that, slain-n-butchered, disposed-of-in-maggot-laden-Hefty-trash-bags character in my next dark tale to tell ... And that, from the very bloody pits of buggered hell, personal is the hint of a clue, if you dare screw with this loose screw, who will come to see you, and very, very, soon … Maybe this afternoon … Or over a spot of tea, you may look up to see me, smiling in glee ..." LOL!

And what's more, this store's got gore, got mystery, got humor and so much more ... It's even got war, and for those who live by that 60's Hippie's golden rule that proves governments fools, "Make love and not war," you will discover touching love stories that even a macho man can get into ... And leave a woman in contemplative tears of joy ...

Thank you for the visit and honor of darkening my door ... But let's remember Luv, rave reviews, or else I'll soon be darkening your door ...

All in good fun, or course ... Or is it ...?