if an actor plays a "bad guy" nobody thinks he really is a bad guy, but when i write a story with one people think that's me?!

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About Me

i try to write everyday and to write about everyday things.

i mostly only post first drafts, but I'd appreciate any feedback, reviews, critiques, impressions, interpretations, etc. thank you for reading.

note: ALL of my stories/posts are fiction, including those which are first-person narratives. i do not necessarily believe in or support any messages within any of my stories.

i also DO NOT believe in "comment reciprocation." if i comment on one of your stories, i do not expect you to comment on one of mine. if you comment on one of mine, do not expect me to comment on yours. i believe in helping other writers when i can, and reciprocation rules are nonsense if i do not have an original comment for you. i will only comment if i have something useful to say which has not been said by another commenter. i do not need or want congratulations and so i do not give them out either, unless you just had a child, marriage, moon-landing, or other legitimate occurrence in your life; then congrats and i promise to do my best to make this world a better place for your family and mine!

i have "read requests" turned off because i read everything posted by anyone i am friended with. if you are polite and have a question about writing, please message me; i'll do my best to help you out. write on!

what other writers are saying about me:
"you have an odd sense of humor" - Andronicus

favorite literary quotes:
"And when it was early in the morning, I sent for forty kegs of palm-wine, after I had drunk it all, I started to investigate whereabouts was the lady." -Amos Tutuola, The Palm-Wine Drinkard


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Posted 3 Months Ago

@Andronicus garçon rules, smiles drool!

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Posted 3 Months Ago

You have an odd sense of humor! :)