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About Me

I will go to great lengths to encourage writers of Asian origin. Of these, Indian are my favorite. They have a beauty of sentiment that is not replicated in english.

I do not like to leave a trace. I am by far a private person, introverted and shy. I've concluded I will promote friendships with "pure souls", but I am not here to collect friends or to gain attention. I crave a reciprocity of honesty, though I don't suspect I'll find it from you, certainly not from you.

I study literature because I have free-time due to certain life conditions. Literature was not my first choice, but it sort of chose me.

The rest I leave to your imagination. Do not be troubled if I seem aloof, it is more just my own distance from chatter and distraction.

I do have a leaning towards good erotica, so if I'm hunting your poems of that kind, it's because its unusual for me to regard that sort of creation. I should imagine we live far away from each other, so there is no reason for us to fall in love or to even share 'significant' moments, although if you breath what you write, I may slowly come to respect you.

You need not treat me with respect, not because I will praise you in return, but beacuse I will be honest with you.

I am a cuttingly honest critic, and I won't bow down to any authority that may discredit my own crediblity and ethical standards. I do not mean to be impolite, but you may be shocked with what I have to say. If you sincerely wish to improve your writing, come to me, I will tear it a part.

I come from great humility, and I feel this gives me the right for surprising boldness, and for this my pen is sharp.

I would prefer also, if you had the grace to write koans instead of haikus, though I much conclude this is never going to happen. I praise the subtle and I may openly mock tradition, for I of all souls here on Earth knows her grave limitations.

These are the writers who blocked me due to the apparent sharpness of my critiques and for whatever egoic fragility on their part (possible dishonesty as artists/self-glorification etc...)

1. Robbie
2. PoppySilver
3. d-Eliscious ♡


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Posted 6 Years Ago

My horses name is Shotzie; he is a purebred Arabian, my dearest friend and one of my strongest, if not my strongest partner. <3