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Petra Vlah

Petra Vlah


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Los Angeles, CA
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About Me

Born and educate in Romania, my passion and everlasting love has always been writing.

8 of my books have been published in Romania after the collapse of communism and I had the joy of being published in English by "Eye on Life" Magazin.

After great reviews and better than expected popularity among readers, I have been offered a biweekly column in a major newspaper. Based on personal experiences my writings reflected the perspective of an individual dealing with the complexity of life in two different political regimes.

After living for 30 years in the deep Hell of a communist country and for another 30 years in the high Paradise of the American democracy a painful truth stared me in the face with screaming force:

called by different names, political regimes are all the same.

Engineered by the few to protect their own interest at the expense of the many, all political regimes are above standard of decency; truth and morality had never entered into their equation.

Leveling down the identity of individuals and creating an amorphous mass of obedient followers is what governments do best.

The “Procrustean bed” has never been just the diabolic invention of a distorted mind or the sadistic pleasure of adjusting one’s human size to an impossible and ever changing standard of conformity; it was, it is and will forever be the role of governments and political regimes