Man by day... Wolf by Night

Albuquerque, NM
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About Me

I am an aspiring author whom was on penwrights for ...well ... about as long as it existed... I watched apathetically as the site fell to pieces... Freedom of expression was squashed... People were berated for their opinions... People were punished for their expression... finally... nobody dared critique anyone else anymore for fear of being ostracized. ... I gave up. The people there were like family to me... I am hoping to find a new family here... Anthony H known as Wolf_Lord ,'', ^@@^ ,'', (My icon is a wolf with his paws on a window looking in.)


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Posted 1 Year Ago

I've tried twice to make it through your Moon Flowers... keep getting distracted. The damned internet and its flashes of information... here I go again. Haha

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Posted 2 Years Ago

I wish I knew how to write a short poem.
The stuff that shares my brain expands faster than my pen can write.
I have to cut it off before it overwhelms me and becomes a book.
Most of my poems and Story Poems average from 3000-9000 words.
Sigh... Sometimes I wish I could be normal and just write something short... Lol, Like this intro.
Wolf ,'', ^@@^ ,'',