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Zak Leon Ramsey

Zak Leon Ramsey


You know, I wish that this world was a better place..

Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom
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About Me

Hello to those who are reading this on my profile, I don't really get many people reading my profile but here I go. I write poetry all the time, take occasional breaks, which vary in duration and let me tell you a bit about my unique personality. I like psychedelic music and I like old-fashioned progressive rock and spit at the music of this generation, simply cause it's s**t. For F**king lunatics who don't know what music really is. I write poetry whenever I feel like it simply because I love writing poetry and I fit it whenever I really can to be fairly honest, rarely do I take breaks that last a week or two. I hate the 2010s, but I still write my poems across the web because not many people write it down on paper and toss it to their friends, I think being online is crap mainly because of cyberbullying and YouTube. YouTube is alright, but the vlogs really spoil it with the rich "celebrities" such as Jake Paul and Lance Stewart. Anyways, aside my hatred, I'm a grumpy teenager, at the age of 13. I've wrote many poems, a little before 13 and stories before 13, mainly when I was in Year 7, but those stories were four pages long and not really good compared to what I write now privately, which consists of around 140-160 pages. I'm improving in writing poetry and stories, they've gone from short little crap drafts to big monster that could take a week or something like that to read, (obviously not the poem). I am against the idea of rapping, against most technology, against most social media platforms, I mean I only use one of them to contact my girlfriend with. Good day to you, and before I finish writing this section of my profile, I hope you enjoy my uploaded contents and even so, tell me your opinions and tell me if I could improve in any possible way or give me some little tips and bits of advice. (It says I was born in 1994, but I like to read every bit of content I can on this website, so I act like I'm mature by faking my birth, don't take it the wrong way).