Literary Agents : Inkwell Management

Inkwell Management

Inkwell Management
New York, NY

Clients: 500
Commission (US): 15%
Commission (Foreign): 15%

Submission Information

  • Business
  • Contemporary Literature
  • Current Affairs
  • Family Saga
  • Fiction
  • Health
  • Historical Fiction
  • Mystery, Suspense & Thriller
  • Nonfiction
  • Psychology
  • Self-Help
  • Literary Fiction

Submission Methods

  • SASE
  • Cover Letter

Response Times
Queries: 1 month

Additional Information
Submissions must be exclusive.

Contact Information

Michael Carlisle
Richard Pine
Kimberly Witherspoon
George Lucas
Catherine Drayton
Matthew Guma

521 Fifth Avenue, 26th Floor
New York, NY 10175

Phone: 212-922-3500
Fax 2212-922-0535
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The first mistake
A band of soldiers finds diplomacy in the dreg forest comes with consequences.