" The World According to Goldfish "  December 19, 2008 - January 6, 2009

Contest Completed


Winner "The World According to Goldfish" - [writing deleted]
Second Runner-Up "The World According to Goldfish" - Spirit of the Age
Third Runner-up "The World According to Goldfish" - [writing deleted]
Honorable Mention "The World According to Goldfish" - Wax Wings


* UPDATE 01/04/09 *


What poems we received in quality more than made up for the lack of volume we received in this contest! Some of the pieces are indeed brilliant, so much so that we're having difficulty choosing one winner. Therefore we will also be selecting 1) SECOND RUNNER-UP, 1) THIRD RUNNER-UP as well as 1) HONORABLE MENTION WINNER AND WE'VE EXTENDED THE CONTEST THROUGH TUESDAY EVENING 01/05/09! (We're looking for brilliant poems that speak to the human condition, check out the ones already submitted for inspiration!)

After which all winning writers will be notified and automatically assigned a GFP Editor who will work with them if they so desire to help polish the work to a shimmer before finalizing it for publication in the anthology.

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Also check out our Writers Workshop! Come test-drive that new poem then give and receive some honest, constructive feedback for a change!

Good luck!


Winning poem will be published in the Goldfish Press poetry anthology " The World According to Goldfish "


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