"...And That's When The Vaginal Thrush Returned"  June 4, 2010 - July 30, 2010

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"It was a dark and stormy night." - A Dark and Stormy Night
"I farted. That's when everything went downhill..." - Julian Wentsworth the Third skipped cheerfully down the school hallway..
"I've always felt strange around the time of the full moon." - The worst story ever written.


In the spirit of "clearing the gunk" out, creatively speaking, here's a contest where it is not only expected but encouraged to write the absolute worst story you can think of, complete with rampant cliches, verb tense warfare, Sybil-like point of views, gratuitous instruction manual sex scenes and anti-climatic endings. Get the junk out of your toolbox so that you can write more clearly later on.

Submit two stories (obviously poetry doesn't lend itself to this very well...unless it's epic poetry, in which case you are taking your craft waaaaaay to seriously for this contest). This is a straight fiction contest...no memoirs. If your memoir includes the kind of plot and character problems that this contest desires...

...seek help. Now.

If you haven't read How NOT to Write a Novel, you should. It's a wonderfully written book on how to avoid the pitfalls many first-time authors make. And it's deliciously funny. :D


$0.00, Humility and a clear mental pallette.



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