"For Emily, Whenever I may Find Her"  April 9, 2013 - June 15, 2013

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this is what it is about - Beloved
this is what it is about - Emily, maybe
this is what it is about - The Ballad of Chloe Madison, girl detective
this is what it is about - Literary Ladies
this is what it is about - Night Poems
this is what it is about - WELL TURNED PHRASE
this is what it is about - [writing deleted]
this is what it is about - Penalties For Loving
this is what it is about - slender hands burns
this is what it is about - The Wanderer



Has another poet on WC inspired you to write something; for them, about them, to them, because of them, in honor of them? When was the last time you told him/ her? Heard it yourself?

Most importantly... when you are down and blocked and uninspired, how much does it mean to you to know that you inspired someone else?

This is a different kind of contest.

Emily Burns created this challenge; I merely am the messenger carrying it out.

If you have a piece you wrote for a fellow WC poet, enter it in this contest.

Here are the rules:

1. put somewhere in the title or author's note who the poem is for
2. Make an attempt to send it to them
3. Please dear god no failed romance or "he done me wrong" pieces- let's keep it respectful in tone. Hateful or disparaging pieces will be automatically disqualified. This is about honoring the Muse that comes to us in the form of interactions and discourse with another living breathing writer- not the one that comes from a drunken text at 3:00 am when you need to vent your spleen.

That being said, this is a contest for adults, so adult content or language is perfectly acceptable.

I was going to post this as a contest for my Spiritual Woman's Group, but felt it would be more fair to open it up to the world.

Bonus consideration to those who include the recipient's review or response in their author's note, as well.

Funny, sad, remembering, honoring, bantering, awe-inspiring, etc. We touch each other's lives in so many ways. Let it be known.


Marie Anzalone
Marie Anzalone
Xela, Quetzaltenango, Guatemala


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