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"I read your profile and ..."  February 22, 2008 - March 15, 2008

Contest Completed


Winner - I wonder if she does marriage. - Sakura Girl
2nd Place - I wonder if she would like to chat - You Deserve A Better Life
3rd Place - Isnt she awesome, Im having a look. - The Taste of A Fame
1st Honorable mention - Dear Kasya


"...I thought that you might like to chat. I'm not allowed to post any of my sexy pictures here, but you can find them at [link omitted]."

We've all gotten one or more of these, either in our email or on MySpace. This one came with a pic that I thought had some character. Write a piece in any genre that is either about the photo or about the spam message it was attached to.



A week as featured writing and writer in The Forum


Stephen Ferre
Stephen Ferre
Cincinnati, OH


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Created Feb 23, 2008