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So I’m not one to push a certain religion on others, although some of my work revolves around the topic of Christianity. I am a Christian, and I belong to the LDS Church. I guess I am what is referred to as a “Jack Mormon.” The only reason I am going into this is because on this day so close to Easter, I headed to my faith’s web page to gather some inspiration, and these words are what I found. They have a video posted there and it touched my heart. Now like I said, this is kind of out of character for me, but I want to see how these words will inspire your pen. Here is the link to the video, it may help your inspiration, but it is not imperative that you see it to write for this contest:
http://lds.org/pages/his-sacred-name-an-easter declaration?lang=eng

Inspire Me!

The Words:

“He was betrayed” Matthew 23:14-16
“denied” Luke 22:54-62
“accused” Mark 15:3
“rejected” Luke 9:22
“bound” Mark 15:1
“scourged” John 19:1
“mocked” Matthew 27:29
“reviled” Matthew 27:39
“spit on” Mark 15:19
“crucified” John 19:17-19
“forsaken” Matthew 27:46
“He did His Father’s will” Mark 14:36
“He atoned” Luke 22:41-44
“healed” Luke 22:50-51
“held His peace” Mark 14:61
“forgave” Luke 23:34
“He gave His life” John 19:30
“He is Risen” Matthew 28:6


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