"That's so Gay!" Becomes "That's so Straight!"  August 26, 2008 - September 19, 2008

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Best GLBTQ Theme poem ever! - [writing deleted]
Second Best GLBTQ Theme poem ever! - I Should Stay Away
Third Best GLBTQ Theme poem ever! - The Freak\'s Manifesto
Best GLBTQ Love poem Ever! - blue eyed boy
Second Best GLBTQ Love poem ever! - Her Kiss
Third Best GLBTQ Love poem ever! - Hello, dear.


Are you GLBTQ and ready for a contest just for you? Yeah, me too! I'm tired of all of this straight love festing. Here's the deal, the poem has to be GLBTQ related. It doesn't have to be about love it can be about anything... if you need some help look at a couple of my poems like: Coming out, For I love a Boy, Stood Up, I'll be what you lack, and many others. If you wrote a poem about somebody of the same sex, or about life as a GLBTQ person please submit it!


Happiness? I don't have material prizes...


Xavier Honre
Xavier Honre
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