"With a Witch" Script   August 7, 2016 - August 24, 2016

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Sheryll McKenzie's Script-Writer - [writing deleted]


Want to write the script for “With the Witch”? All we know is that Sheryll McKenzie’s a stellar songwriter, wrote and sang “Coming to Summerland,” and is planning to act out the Wireclub.com’s new drama, “With a Witch,” which will be featuring the song “Dark Force.” She’ll be writing the script on Litlift.com, but it won’t be published. If you want to see it, go to Wireclub.com and enter the chatroom if you want to just watch, OR if you want to get a role! (It’s too late, Sheryll will be playing the witch with the name Ariadne.) Would you like to play the role of Harvey, the man that Ariadne charms with a hypnotic song? Would you like to be Daphne, the girl who’s trying to stop Harvey from falling into Ariadne’s trap? Just go and ask sheryllmckenziesinger@gmail.com – and the role’s all yours! And you can write the script. Character: Daphne – Harvey’s ex-girlfriend, dissed so Harvey could be Ariadne’s, the witch that sings “Dark Force” Ariadne – a pretty sorceress that sings “Dark Force,” and is the adorable role model and villain at the same time! (No hats included.) Raven – Harvey’s brother, who is killed by Ariadne using black magick, because he innocently tried to save Harvey. And any other characters you want, that go well with the plot. Warning: Sheryll McKenzie will slightly edit some of your script, and she’ll proofread it. Rules: In a scene, you have to include Ariadne singing Sheryll McKenzie’s “Dark Force,” a song she’s using to hypnotize Harvey. She’s a beautiful witch, not the stereotypical Crone. You must fit the plot. Think, respectfully, of what Sheryll McKenzie’d approve of and like. Make sure Ariadne ends up being burned in fire at the end of your script. When she’s burned in the fire, she sings the last part of Dark Force again, which is, “You’ll be jinxed and so mote it be!” Then, without seeming afraid, she dies into the fire when she’s burned. But this thankful ending of the witch is far off.
Any failure to meet all guidelines and rules will have you blocked by Sheryll McKenzie.


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Celeste Lucy Zaveri
Celeste Lucy Zaveri
Germantown, MD


Created Aug 8, 2016