"Your House, Yourself"  January 20, 2008 - May 15, 2008

Contest Completed


1st Place, House of Originality - A stately manor
2nd Place, House of Imagination - A strong foundation


Imagine that you are a house! Submit something telling what kind of house you are, from the outside in! Everyone has a unique personality, so show the world: "Here is my house and here is myself!"

Any kind of house, from a space-house orbiting Mars to a castle in Scotland to a hut in the middle of nowhere...just unleash your imagination and let your creativity go wild! :) Any genre, any style is encouraged!

Contest Guidelines:
Pretend the reader is a visitor to your house and give them a tour of your house, starting from the moment they arrive and knock on your door. The outside of your house is the outward projection of who or what you are.

Show the reader what is inside your house, from rooms to furnishings, anything! The inside of your house is who you are inside!


$0.00, an awesome, shiny medal to show off to everyone!



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Created Jan 19, 2008