"Your House, Yourself"  January 20, 2008 - May 15, 2008

Contest Completed


1st Place, House of Originality - A stately manor
2nd Place, House of Imagination - A strong foundation


Imagine that you are a house! Submit something telling what kind of house you are, from the outside in! Everyone has a unique personality, so show the world: "Here is my house and here is myself!"

Any kind of house, from a space-house orbiting Mars to a castle in Scotland to a hut in the middle of nowhere...just unleash your imagination and let your creativity go wild! :) Any genre, any style is encouraged!

Contest Guidelines:
Pretend the reader is a visitor to your house and give them a �tour� of your house, starting from the moment they arrive and knock on your �door�. The outside of your house is the outward projection of who or what you are.

Show the reader what is �inside� your house, from rooms to furnishings, anything! The inside of your house is who you are inside!


$0.00, an awesome, shiny medal to show off to everyone!



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