#3  July 19, 2017 - July 24, 2017

Contest Completed


Time to change it up a little. Let's roll the dice and see how well this challenge works.

You need to choose another person in our group and pick one of their pieces of writing. You need to read it and then write a summary. At least 6 sentences. AT LEAST.
Talk about the points you liked and the parts that you didn't like so much, and why you didn't like them. Look at their word choices, explain things you thought about that as well. What improvements do you think could be made? What might you change? If you don't want to change anything, why? What did it make you feel? Etc.

Go into depth, and please, take your time. Don't make it sloppy.

I will recognize the three best summaries. The ones that gave the best information, and the ones that had the most work and thought put in.



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