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I can defiantely relate to my poems, (which are the best =]) because I HAVE had my heart broken - Shades of Hazel
My poems on heartbreak, are heartfelt, and will leave you teary eyed - Fading
I am have great poetry skills, and heartbreak is one of my specialties - [writing deleted]
My heart still hurts...but my poetry makes up for it =] - The Unwritten Letter
My heart is in pain, but I write none the less - Loneliness
Honorable Heart - The Strength of a Broken Heart
Honorable Heart - Until He Is Gone
Honorable Heart - The Darkside of Love
Honorable Heart - All A Game
Honorable Heart - Just Memories
Honorable Heart - Heart\'s Tempt
Honorable Heart - Break and Bury
Honorable Heart - Love in a Black Shade
Honorable Heart - She Loves Me (Not)
Honorable Heart - Eternal Love
Honorable Heart - As was she like the storm
Honorable Heart - Discontent
Honorable Heart - Betrayal
Honorable Heart - I wonder...
Honorable Heart - [writing deleted]


Okay, you have to admit, that most everyone has had their heart broken. Its always nice to vent your feelings out on pen and paper, or in this case, keyboard. Give me your best poems on heartbreak, whether you've expericend it or not.


The joy of having your heart....broken?


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