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♥ ℳоTнєя....ℳᗩᗩ...ℳоℳ...ℳᘮℳℳᎩ ♥  May 8, 2013 - May 14, 2013

Contest Completed


Mamma's Boy/Girl - Mothers
Mamma's Star - My Mom :)
Mamma's Brat - Growing up but always remembering Mom


Everyone loves their ℳотнєяs.. She is with us from the starting time, when we are nothing but just a seed within her... She can feel us, comfort us, feed us and made us what we are today....
She was with us from the time we started talking, started walking, going school, going college, get a job, get married. She even enjoys with us when we have kids..... Its just like she became a mother again..!!

Well so , here we go..!!
Lets dedicate our Mother a precious POEM to tell her.... That we love her... we care for her.. & we will be there for her when she needs Us...

(as I am starting the contest I cannot enter into it. But will surely dedicate one to my Maa in my Profile ^-^)


Review from me ^-^


Delhi, India


12 Contestants
12 Submissions
Created May 8, 2013