'MOTHER' MAKES A WOMAN DIVINE  June 23, 2008 - July 8, 2008

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A divine soul - New Territory
A creator of life - PASSION
A great human - The Misfortune of Humpty
A symbol of sacrifice - What could have been...
A gentle heart - \"Listen To Your Mother She\'s Always Right? Not This Time\"..
A touch of magic - It is enough.
A fountain head of emotions - Dear Mom
A giver for all - What is "Mother"?


To feel as woman is wonderful. What a creation she is and God took special attention in creating her. Nothing equals her role- bears grueling pains of birth, showers love ungrudgingly and makes every one smile. She is in fact, a symbol of sacrifice.

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Fun of writing, making your heart joyful and keeping your mind in peace.


sofia, Bulgaria


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Created Jun 24, 2008

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