'Show' don't 'Tell' stories  August 8, 2014 - August 23, 2014

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I’ve been a bit under the weather the last few days. The journal entry may be late. In exchange, this two week challenge will stick with our theme of ‘Show’ Don’t ‘Tell’. I will give you five prompts or sentences below; the difference, they must be shown from one character’s POV (point of view). The entries can be written into actual stories, no less than 500 words, but no more than 2,000 words

*I couldn’t stop her. She pulled the trigger.

*You’re on your way home from work one night, you decide to take a short-cut and get lost. Your cell-phone is your only salvation, but the only number it will dial is someone/something you wish didn’t answer.

*When he kissed me, his lips were cold. I knew then . . . we were dead.(relationship, actual death, or any other variant.)

*An envelope arrives, no return address. It’s from an old pen-pal in grammar school.

*My first sexual experience still haunts me.

These can be written in any genre you prefer, or go in any direction you choose. I will read all entries, and choose the top two winners.


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Jack Wolfe
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