Esperanza e inspiraci�n (Hope and Inspiration)  October 16, 2007 - November 16, 2007

Contest Completed


1st place, Hope and Inspiration - [writing deleted]
2nd place, Strength and Kindness - Carry You
3rd place, Admiration and Respect - [writing deleted]
A special place in my heart - [writing deleted]
Keep fighting the good fight - [writing deleted]


Hope can save any soul, show it to me. Use your words to help another, not necessarily me, but inspire inspire inspire!

No matter what your personal tragedy is surely we/you still have time to help others ..... thats what we are here for.

This is my first ever competition so please bear with me.

No prizes but recognition, admiration and a chance to make a difference to the one person hidden away that may actually need it.


$0.00, Recognition and pretty award logo


Just Manoosh
Just Manoosh
Wonderland, South East England., United Kingdom


Created Oct 16, 2007