Finish the tale.  July 27, 2008 - December 31, 2008

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1st place - The Sorcerer-King
2nd place - The Missing Returns


Here is an opening from one of my books. Write your own story using it as the beginning. Should be interesting to read the different ideas that are created. Afterward, I shall post the rest of the first chapter to the original story.
-No longer than 2000 words.
-Must start with the intro.
-Anything else is fair game, so have fun.

The cobbled streets were black with the grime and filth of years of neglect, ruin, and decay. The wooden structures that housed the many businesses were falling apart systematically. Loose boards hung by single nails as the owners of shops glared at passersby, maliciously awaiting to catch anyone stealing from their shops.
Missing shingles dotted the rooftops, bricks were lying among the debris and litter in the streets, presumably belonging to many of the chimneys that were barely fit to be recognized as remnants of a time long past. Clouds slowly crept across the pale gray sky, citizens huddled in what had been warm shelters, houses, and stables.
Now most were missing walls, floors, and in some cases roofs. children stared with envious eyes as a contingent of soldier escorted a large cart piled high with meats vegetables, and fruits of every kind was taken to the sorcerer kings palace. the sky grew darker as the procession passed awaiting the sorcerers verdict,a long line of men stood outside the palace gates when the cart reached the palace it stopped the soldiers unloaded the cart of the rotted food and took it to the front of the line of hungry men, the sorcerer appeared he was in his late fifties he had a gray beard and mustache but was bald he was short quite round and his clothing was ill fitting.
-From the Tales Of Areydelyn-


Inspiration, Pride in a job well done, and Recognition of talent by your fellow writers.


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