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ok so i have come up with this new format for a poem...


okay doesnt seem like anything out of the ordinary... but here is the trick for the first four lines you must pick four words that will be the end of the sentences before you write the first four sentences. then they must follow the abcdabcd, dcba, abcdabcd format... here is an example....


By Windstorm Kells �2009

A smothering avalanche of humanity
Creates the dust of suffocation
Turning day into perpetual night
Panic stricken wanting to flee
Screaming dreams shattering reality
Ignore the signs warning of caution
Step forward, chase away the light
Pillars of sobering chaotic glee

Musically swaying flames lick a tree
Consuming hopelessness delight
Emotional geyser releases devastation
The cataclysm unfolds intensity

After the collapse of conformity
Many wander dazedly through creation
Tormented innocents of twilight
Time served in Hell�s fee
Panes of glass pleading curiosity
Whispered in the wind trepidation
A pleading boy cries silent fright
Eyes stung from the rigid bee

enjoy and good luck




awsome awsome
well done well done
good, needs some work.. good, needs some work..



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