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15-18 Years old? I want to see what you got!  November 19, 2010 - December 4, 2010

Contest Completed


Mind Blowing - Eclipse
Breath taking - Encore
Incredible - Behind the battered walls
Amazing - Mother's plea
Wonderful - Kissing air
Deserving Credit - The Rope version #2


I'm really curious about the the teen writers who are serious about doing so. Send me the best you have, poems, stories anything. No prize but you'll receive a congratulations message from me!

-sorry how long its taking! I have many submissions to read and not enough time to do it- I will be done by next week! (Monday, December 20th)
also I would just like to point out that when opening some of the submissions the page is blank, I'm not sure whether it's mistakes on your parts or my computer. So I'm sorry if you should have won and I never got a chance to read it!

another comment: I expected to receive some bad writing but I am sickened by the amount that involves blood and lust, unfortunately those categories have been used. You can't use someone else's cliche to become a writer.


Ambar Januel
Ambar Januel
Boston, MA


93 Contestants
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Created Nov 19, 2010