200 Words  March 1, 2017 - March 3, 2017

Contest Completed


First WInner - Slumped
Second Winner - Uncle Charlie
Third Winner - Sages


Sometimes fewer words doesn't make it easier but it's the less that's said that makes it more meaningful.
For this contest I would like to see stories 200 words and under. It can be any genre, but please nothing mature.
Please do no submit poems or other types of writing. A story should have proper sentence structure and grammar. If it looks like a poem I won't read it.
I will review each entry. If I don't review it it means it wasn't a valid entry (eg. not a story or over 200 words), or I've accidentally missed it so just let me know.
I've decide the top 3 and then voting will choose the winners.
I look forward to your entries!



2 Contestants
3 Submission
Created Mar 2, 2017

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