21st Beats what writing means to me contest  November 3, 2007 - January 1, 2008

Contest Completed


Jack Kerouac neo beats champion - [writing deleted]
Allen ginsberg second place - [writing deleted]
Diane Di Prima third place - [writing deleted]


Read the 21st beats new group description and....
Write an essay from one sentence to any length you wish illustrating how you got into writing, what writing means to you. What you believe in, what causes you would like to contribute to, and how you would like to see our group here work together to accomplish these goals as a collective force.
Write about our new generation of writers and the hopes and dreams you have for your writing and for all your friends here.
Whoever come up with the best phrases about our mission here will get a special cd burned copy of my Jack Kerouac 3 cd set.


$a burned copy of my Jack Kerouac 3 cd set



Created Nov 2, 2007