3rd Quarter New Book - Mystery  July 1, 2010 - September 30, 2010

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3rd Quarter 2010 New Book Winner (Mystery) - The Suicide
3rd Quarter 2010 New Book Merit (Mystery) - The Devil's Print
3rd Quarter 2010 New Book Merit (Mystery) - Velvet's Dance


This contest is for writer's who are working on a book or who have already written one recently. This quarter I'm looking for mystery! Any style goes! I'm looking for books like Sherlock Holmes and all the way across to Bunnicula. Get creative and make me think and wonder! One chapter submission please, but your chapter choice. Does not have to be your first chapter. Good luck!!


A link to your Writers' Cafe profile and your work posted on my personal website goes to the winner.


Tracie D'Angelo
Tracie D'Angelo
Annapolis, MD


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