55 Word Short Story Contest  May 16, 2007 - June 16, 2007

Contest Completed


Grand Prize - [writing deleted]
First Runner Up - [writing deleted]
Second Runner Up - The Clearing Past Exit 57


A complete short story in 55 words or less -- just like the New York Times Contest. The title doesn't count in the word count. Hyphenated words count as two words. You need character, plot, etc. The story needs to be complete -- and NO POETRY!

Here's two examples:

How Dirty Pictures Saved My Marriage, Part 1
By: Maria Deira

I'm shredding the dirty pictures some joker placed inside a library book when I find a photo of a woman with blonde hair. She looks like me, except she's thinner and naked, her legs spread wide. I stick her on the refrigerator door.

My husband asks, "Is that you?"

"Once upon a time," I lie.

By: Liam Griffin

Outside the bar, she stood across from me, arms crossed as I lit a cigarette. An eyebrow rose and she leaned up against me. "You know what I like about you?" she said, chin pressed into my chest. "I really don't." "The fact that you can light a match on the first try, every time."


The First, Second and Third Place Finishers will be published at the Dark Party Review (http://darkpartyreview.blogspot.com) with a bio and many kudos


G.f. Snell Iii
G.f. Snell Iii
Boston, MA


Created May 16, 2007