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You're shakespeare's offspring - Pilgramage
Amazing! - The Final Resolution
You have to be recognized - The For Sale Sign


So I recently read a book called "The worlds's shortest Stories of Love and Death." And it seemed harmless enough so I read it. And it turns out they are really short stories, in fact 55 words or less. The editors Steve Moss and John M. Daniel caught on to a cleaver idea so I'm just continuing it. Their reccommendation on writing your own is the same reccommendation I'm going to give you: Don't try a poem, its a story and feel free to get creative. If you had 1 anecodote to write on a napkin write it and submit it. I have one of my own on my profile. Feel free to check it out for inspiration.
Don't try to rewrite a joke into 55 words. A story!!!!!!! Story!!
The title can't be over 10 words or lead into the story to save space.


Lysrie Mendez
Lysrie Mendez
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