A Funny, Homicidal Look at Love  December 23, 2008 - February 14, 2009

Contest Completed


Gold Medal - Sesame Street Envy
Silver Medal - Ardor woolgathering
Bronze Medal - My Caramel Sundae
4th place - Arsenic and Old Lace
5th place - [writing deleted]
Most Poetic without Being Corny - You make poison taste like wine
Most Hilariously Creative - For GuJinNeng


Tired of gooey, mushy, cliched romance? Still sad that the woman who you had wild, passionate sex for the past five years with turned out to be transexual? Do you still giggle at the memory of the time when you took off your bra in an inexplicably crazy attempt to get the attention of the school jock?Then , this is the contest for you.

submit any love poem, sad or happy, gay or straight, sexual or illicit. anything as long as it's not cheesy or the type that you see etched in your desk at school.

this is not a contest for high school retards with raging hormones and unparalleled pathos. this is a contest of wit. ideas against ideas.

the most creative, well-written, least passe love poem wins. i get to decide who wins. i just hate it when people get to vote. it all becomes a pointless popularity contest.

no erotica please. any poem about love except the platonic ones can be submitted. be as clever and twisted or as serious and heart-felt as you can be. Love is not just about flowers and chocolates, it sometimes can be about broken glass, blood, tears or even prune juice.


bragging rights, my respect, the joy of receiving an award.


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Created Dec 23, 2008