A Hopeless Romantic  January 14, 2009 - February 14, 2009

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A True Hopeless Romantic - Boundless Love
Top Tear Jerker - Candlelight and Roses
Most Cheesy - No Words
Best Visuals - the poem that is above all other poems.
2nd Place - All the Things I\'ll Never Hear
3rd Place - [writing deleted]
4th Place - and its love.
Honorable Mention - Heart First, Head Second
Honorable Mention - Flickering
Honorable Mention - Little does he know
Honorable Mention - TMBGITW
Honorable Mention - Just You and Me


Write me a poem about someone you love or have loved. I don't mind cheesy so sent them anyway. I'm just looking for some really good ones so show me what you got.
The winners of this contest, my other contest that opens the 22nd called Favorite Fictional Book Character poems. or any contest hosted by Rosealie may be featured in our upcoming book Third Hour. If you look at the book it only has one chapter and its a bit misleading for the poetry I'm looking for but this is just a heads up. if you win and you do not wish for your work to be featured in our book then tell me within two days after the awards are posted. Thanks.


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