A Little Slice of Sci-Fi  June 22, 2012 - July 10, 2012

Contest Completed


Grand Supreme of Sci-Fi - First Place - First Contact
Silver Surfer - Second Place - Chpt 1 - Bob
Bronze Robot - Third Place - Chapter 1


Your challenge, should you wish to accept it, is to write something that could be classed as 'science-fiction.'

That doesn't necessarily mean space ships and aliens, it can be anything set in the future, or anything that holds a crucial difference from the world we live in today (eg, a single, world-wide government.)

Your submission can be in any form you like.
Each member is permitted to submit as many as 2 entries.

I haven't came across much science fiction so far, so this is the time to shine a light on a sadly under-rated genre.

Have fun with it! =)


Fame and Glory.... (fame and glory not provided)


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