A Little Something from Way Out There  September 5, 2011 - March 20, 2012

Contest Completed


The Prize - [writing deleted]


Enter short stories and poetry only please. Short stories and poetry involving ghostly encounters, supernatural occurences, the unexplained and/or bizarre, miracles. Also, themes surrounding the ethereal concepts, New Age philosophy, hidden knowlege, etc. Those of you who are in-the-know may now come forward and share your views with the rest of the world. There will be only one winner. 'There can be only one.' The winner will receive a signed copy of my novel, The Looking Glass: Facing the Bad Ghost, free of charge (the same book that was sent to actor/writer, David Thewlis). Winner will be responsible for emailing me (phoenix5946@yahoo.com) to provide me with a mailing address so that you can receive THE PRIZE.) GOOD LUCK.


Author-signed copy of LG1: Facing the Bad Ghost


Sara Mercury
Sara Mercury
Harrisburg, IL


14 Contestants
14 Submissions
Created Jul 27, 2011

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