A Magical Yuletide aka Christmas!  November 15, 2008 - December 16, 2008

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Yuletide is the Pagan term for Christmas. Yuletide has been around way before Christmas and was celebrated before Christmas was ever thought of. (Not to offend anyone on that)

So tell me something about it! Whether it be what you do on Yuletide(Christmas), what you are planning to do, what you wish you could do, what it means to you, ect. But it has to be something real, nothing that is fiction. THIS GOES FOR PAGAN CHRISTMAS, CHRISTIAN CHRISTMAS, KWANZA, HONOUKA(dont know how to spell that) OR WHAT EVER YOUR RELGION MAYBE. ALL religion is accepted as to what you are doing. Whether it be celebrated on the 25th or not.

You can write this in anyway you see fit, just note that I really dont feel like reading a book, a chapter maybe, but no books please.

So have fun and enjoy! I Can not wait to here what you have to say!


You sure know how to celebrate Yuletide(chirstmas)!


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