A Message in a Bottle  July 11, 2007 - July 23, 2007

Contest Completed


2nd Place - A Message in a Bottle - [writing deleted]
3rd Place - A Message in a Bottle - [writing deleted]


Please respond to the questions posed in this poem in any poetry format.

A Message in a Bottle

What would you place
upon the page
to send across the sea-
the words of a sage,
a lament or words meant
for a lover to be?

Would it be a question,
or an exclamation of belief-
would you describe the grief
that plagues the world today
or place upon the parchment
a dream you have for us all,
to heed the call of healing
the wounds of war and famine
which travel round this earth-
a hope, a desire would it be
for yourself or others
begging to be freed?

A message in a bottle
set in inky precision
upon the paper
expressed by only you-
would it be a concoction
of heart, of soul or mind
what is it that the seaside
will wash upon the beach
once your message in a bottle
has someone else within its reach?

Would it be what you would say
upon your deathbed-
or some wise words for the poor,
meek and helpless
or a plea for something more
to arrive at your door-
what is it that you would
write in your message in a bottle
thrown to ocean floor
meant to wash up alongside another
upon a distant shore?


$0.00, 1st, 2nd, 3rd


Siddartha Beth Pierce
Siddartha Beth Pierce
Richmond, VA


Created Jul 11, 2007