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A Picture Worth Twenty Words  September 12, 2007 - September 25, 2007

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A Picture Worth Twenty Words: 1st Place - [writing deleted]
A Picture Worth Twenty Words: 2nd Place - [writing deleted]


we've all heard the old adage "a picture is worth a thousand words". well, this may be true, but why not fewer?

if you find the exact right words, couldn't a picture be worth...say...twenty words? here is the assignment:

1. find a picture on the net--be sure you copy down the entire link from the browser so that other readers can go check it out.

2. in twenty words or less (not including a title), describe the picture. you may do this in poetic or prose form, you choose which best suits your picture.

3. save your piece to your floppy disk and then upload a finished, edited, and spellchecked version to this thread. be sure you include the ENTIRE LINK to where the picture is found so that the rest of us can evaluate your work.

WINNERS: 1st and 2nd place to be chosen by votes of DHS Creative Writing members.




Hatfield, PA


Created Sep 12, 2007