A Precious Moment Gone  April 7, 2008 - June 7, 2008

Contest Completed


!st Place Winner - My Prayer
2nd Place Winner - Don\'t Say Goodbye
3rd Place Winner - Packing Away the Memories
Winner - I can\'t do this with you any more.....
Winner - [writing deleted]
Honorable Mention - A Word
Honorable Mention - Remember
Honorable mention - Now Serving Number 3
Honorable Mention - Pages Torn
Honorable mention - Where A Teardrop Fills The Ocean


Have you had to let go of a special relationship/relationships or just someone/something you really loved because of your art, beliefs, or general way of life?
Are you going through going through this internal struggle at this very moment?
Please write me a poem of any style whatsoever about your experience - the sadness of letting go, the memory of what you had, the hope of good things to come, the fear that things will never be the same again? I love mind pictures and good description but most of all I love bare-naked emotion. Express yourself!

I decided to create this contest after I wrote my poem 'Glorious Oblivion' aka 'A Precious Moment Gone' suggested by 'James...I can't finish...' i.e.
I wrote the note:
I was originally trying to express how I feel about losing a relationship with someone I care deeply about and then the words grew mildly philosophical as I thought about how the reasons why are tied to my attitude about life in general [i.e. carefree and spontaneous].
Your thoughts are appreciated, especially on how beliefs affect the bonds between people for better or worse [heck, maybe I should create a contest?].

So heck, I created a contest :-). [Kara - what do you think?]

Good luck. Cheers to staying inspired!!!

Words of the Poets:

'I used to tell you everything and now everything I know is missing.' - !Katie!
'Blink with me and try to change the colors of daylight.' - Casey O' Malley
'To know that her kind of love lands men face down at river banks.' - Phil R. Jacobsen
'You are not with me today / but I will never be without you.' - Caffeine
'No need for yours and mine / Only Ours. / Loved it. / Accepted it as gospel.' - Jay W. Valentine
'I wanted you to curl up around me / Like a quilt on those chilly nights.' - Floating on the feathers of a dandelion
'I created you from marble and midnight.' - CarrieLynn ( Chameleon Poet)
'Digging deep into the habit of breathing.' - Casey O' Malley
'She saw him smile, that special smile / she knows that's his style / and she knew.' - Sally Edwards
'I let out a disbelieving laugh without humor / My bleeding heart feels like a throbbing tumor. - Lizzness
'I'll always be one short step behind / lonely and sad in my heart, soul and mind.' - Lizzness
'Everytime you parallel my face with your name.' - Lady Sphinx
'I will dance with you, one last time/ where the sand meets the sea, before all of every yesterday is no more even a memory.' - Rain

More Words:

'She is a dream before I sleep.' - Jason
'Expectations burn like headlights/ Blind me like your silence.' - October
'Like blood from a wound that would never be found.' - Angelina Kell
'The circumference of your arms as I lay my head on your chest.' - Christel Grady
'You whispered a word.' - Nicholas Hallows
'I'm running fast as I can/ Straight into the arms of another man.' - Fran Marie
'I've traveled here before / between the spaces of our lips/
[into your arms].' - Kara Emily Krantz
'Like the old proverb says, it really is better to give than to receive.' - Chas Stover
'For what its worth/ Nothing or lots/ I would have met you at the docks.' - team-sophie
'I remember all the things I can't remember.' - Mollie Sue
'Walking, silence/ It ruins us/ Walking, silence/ It stops us .../
Walking, silence/ It makes us go separate ways.' - Kayla
'The best way to adore her is for me to stay away.' - Michael LaFleur
'But the regret will stay with me forever,
walking concomitant with my silent love for you.' - lunasjade

In Conclusion:
'Poetry is art, and then it is a table laid for great dinners of the heart.'
- Natasha Ashwe.


My utmost respect and admiration for your inspiring dedication to stand for what you believe in!


Natasha Ashway
Natasha Ashway
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