A Revolution: poetry and shortshort story contest.  August 23, 2011 - September 3, 2011

Contest Completed


First Place- World Changing - Whispering swords (Inside the walls)
Second Place- Inspirational - Fun fact
Third Place- Significant - [writing deleted]
Great Potential #1 - [writing deleted]
Great Potential #2 - Army Of None


Write of rebellion. Against society, propaganda, corrupt people and their corrupt ways. Rebel against injustice and suffering, and everything that is wrong with Mother Culture, and write me a revolution.

With your poem or VERY short story, I want you to inspire rebellion, and change the world.

Please note, if the submission does not follow the above guidelines, or is too long, it will not be considered.

Awards and deadlines may be subject to change.


Bragging rights, an in-depth review, and a chance to make a difference



14 Contestants
21 Submissions
Created Aug 23, 2011