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A SINISTER ABODE  July 16, 2009 - August 1, 2009

Contest Completed


Winner - YOU are a fine writer of supernatural fiction! - Pursuing Dawn
2nd Place - YOU have written a terrifying piece of writing! - Khresh
3rd Place - YOU know how to create a literary world of fear! - + BLACKCROSS INN +
4th Place - BEYOND FANTASY is where your writing takes me! - [writing deleted]
5th Place - YOUR writing is Beyond Fantasy! - Ch. 6


I would like you to enter a piece of writing, which is about any location where a sinister entity of some kind is causing people to stay away! It could involve, for example, a ghost or vampire. I really don't mind which you choose, so long as your submission is written well, with appropriate dialogue, a sense of tension or dread. I will also be looking out for sheer originality, so feel free to be creative!


Belper, Derbyshire, United Kingdom


8 Contestants
11 Submissions
Created Jul 18, 2009