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Shakespeare Himself Would Weep! - Poetic Injustice
A Heart-Wrenching Tale! - [writing deleted]
An Enthralling Tale! - `Mercy~`He Sighs`~sonnet~
A Must-Read! - Crimes of Passion
Wonderfully Wrought! - What Becomes of a Broken Heart


Weave me a tale, a tragic tale, worthy of the beloved William Shakespeare himself! (I will accept short stories, poetry, plays, prose... etc. Nothing too bookish; I may have several pieces to read, you know... But under 6,000 words works great for me).

Include these (but not limited to):
Tragedy (It's a must!)

Okay... Okay... So, it doesn't need ALL of those, but I would certainly love to see most of them present as best as possible. I'm a sucker for a good story, and I admit I've not been reading as much as I usually prefer. Give me something good to read, and you'll get a cute little badge for your site. ^__^

It can be modern, futuristic, or even something of the past.
I love faerie tales, and Victorian Romances are my definite favorites (hint, hint ^.~) but do your best. I'll settle for something else, so long as it's written well.

Oh, and I am a stickler for proper grammar, so proof-read your pieces or they will be almost guaranteed not to win! (Future English teacher, if you catch my drift). Honest errors are understandable, and I respect that everyone comes from a different educational background, but I will not tolerate laziness. Believe me, I will know if you don't (at the very least!) read over your pieces once or twice.

(Just a side note: I will try to review the work submitted, but I will guarantee reviews to the winners).


Satisfaction in knowing I like your work. ^.^


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The Autumn Faerie
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