A Truely Good Romance!  September 19, 2009 - May 19, 2010

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Golden Romance- True Love - It\'s NOT about the flowers
Sparkly Silver- I Wish I Was Her - Don\'t Look at a Sunset
Brilliant Bronze- Romantic Rose - Chasing
My Man!!! My Man!! yes i suppose you did write him but he is mine now!!! - Food.
Perfect Kiss :D Mwa! - Carmel Kisses
Wonderful Wedding Bells - Wedding Night
Perfect Couple - Somewhere Only We Know
Hug Me Tender - It\'s ringing in my head
Cutest GirlFriend and Boyfriend - Stars
Love Despite All Costs - Stayed Up With You All Night


i am looking for a truely good romance story. it doesnt have to be all about the romance in fact i would like a good storyline with an equally amazing romance in it. am i making sense... good... cos i dont usually :D STORIES AND BOOKS ONLY thank you :D
(i have limited it to only five entries per person but if you have a book to submit with more chapters then that just submit the contents page and i'll read it all :D )
No Erotica please right im changing this to capitals to show i dont want any sex scences! NO EROTICA!


$00.00, no money :Ci spent it all on shoes just lots of comments and pestering for you to write more :D


wouldn't you like to know!


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