A Vicious Light  March 31, 2008 - June 1, 2008

Contest Completed


First Place and a Gorgeously Engraved Crystal Trophy - I Am the Disease
Second Place and an Exquisitely Engraved Acrylic Trophy - [writing deleted]
Third Place and a Beautifully Engraved Bookshelf Trophy - Fly Superman Fly
Vicious Mention for Poetry - Undue
Vicious Mention for Fiction - [writing deleted]


Tell me a story. Write me a poem. Journal me an article. Sing me a song.
Give me anything that follows these two basic rules:

1) Write something that has the following scenario within the first TWO paragraphs (if a poem, then the FIRST stanza):
Your protagonist is standing on a dark and deserted road, and he/she/it sees a light approaching from the distance (hence the contest�s title, A Vicious Light).
You take it from there.
All entries without this immediate outset will be disqualified. Need some inspiration? Click on the image above.

2) You must be a member of the Vicious Circle to enter.

It can be as long or as short as you like. But, it had better keep my attention.

I will be deciding the winners on June 1st.

Good luck, and good writing!




Damian Alan Gray
Damian Alan Gray
Spring Hill, FL


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