A day in the Life  October 9, 2008 - October 18, 2008

Contest Completed


Congratulastions...You ROCK! - Underground Kisses
You are AWESOME! - Lessons of Me
Keep it up, you are great! - When You Love Me
Never let them tell you that you cant, you just did! - [writing deleted]
Great job-keep it up! - [writing deleted]


Real life experiences, they always say write what you know, 1st person, 3rd person, omniscent...free verse, haiku, sonnet or experimental-dosen't matter; just have fun. No restrictions just write about something that has happened to you that inspired feelings of joy, hate, love...conviction is key.


Respect, Self-Pride & Experience


24 Contestants
43 Submissions
Created Oct 7, 2008

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