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Hello welcome the shuker contest of fantasy story writing.
The contest is a contest of who can write the best first chapter to a story. three prizes will get my attention, if you win i will read every chapter you have wrote to that story and give feed back on everything i like and think might want to be taken a look at. It must also be no larger than 8000 words considering it is jsut the one chapter - not to long but i still want a proper proffesion chapter please!
The story must be set in the times of the bow and arrow or when guns have only jsut been invented the back ground to the story can be anything from magic to giant beast men - use your imagination! The story needs to be captivating, detailed , Intelligent and make me want to have the chapter in my hands - formed as a book itself.
If the grammar is very bad and it's annoying to read then it will be discarded, so look well and look hard for them mistakes.
One word from myself, Good luck and best of wishes to you writers!


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Theodore Ramwell
Theodore Ramwell
Birmingham, Erdington, United Kingdom


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