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A is for Awesome! - Alphabet Soup
B is for Bodacious! - THE COMMANDMENTS
C is for Creative! - Savoring Sweet Slippery Sweetmeats...
D is for Decidedly Good - Always-Zesty
E is for Excellent Effort - Where is our Helping Hand?
F is for Fun Fun Fun - The Absolute Alliteration of Flowers in Lust.


I want to see what you can do with the following exercise I gave myself to tackle:

A poem where each line focuses on a different sequential letter of the alphabet, using insane amounts of alliteration. (If you need an example, I'll put a link to my poem Aspiring Artists at the bottom so you can see what I did with it.)

This exercise will probably work best with humor, but if you can write something utilizing this exercise that isn't funny, I'll be utterly amazed, and you'll probably win.

Your poem will, obviously, have 26 lines. I don't care how long the lines are, as long as each has an occurrence of the same letter more than once. You can start with A and go forward, or Z and work back to A.

I found it to be an interesting creative exercise, and I hope that many of you will as well. I can hardly wait to see what you create.

Good luck!

Here is the link to what I did with this premise, for an example.
Aspiring Artists (ABCs of Creativity)


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